Attendance records are kept showing when Governors came into School either for meetings or other occasions.

Academic Year 2017-2018

Theresa Cheetham 19/7/18 Sports Day
Tracy Brandwood 17/7/18 Meeting with Head/Clerk
Tracy Brandwood 12/7/18 Meeting with Deputy Head
Rita Martin 12/7/18 Vision Workshops
Simon Hubbard, Ashley Holmes, Sallyann Tuckwell-Allen 10/7/18 Curriculum and Policies Working Party Meeting
Rose Burley, Tracy Brandwood 5/7/18 Meeting with LA/Head and Deputy
Tracy Brandwood 4/7/18 Link Governor Visit and SIP termly visit
Tina Ashford, Suzanne Hill 3/7/18 Coffee Morning
Tracy Brandwood 29/6/18 Admin work with Clerk
Dave Watton, Rose Burley, Simon Hubbard, Tracy Brandwood 28/6/18 Working party re concerns
Rita Martin 27/6/18 Multi-cultural celebration event
Tina Ashford, Suzanne Hill 25/6/18 Year 11 Leavers assembly
Tracy Brandwood 25/6/18 Catch up with Head/Deputy
Dave Watton 11-12/6/18 Teaching Assistant Interviews
Tracy Brandwood 4/6/18 Staff Outdoor Learning Training Day
Tina Ashford, Tracy Brandwood, Rose Burley 25/5/18 Lion King Production
Simon Hubbard, Tracy Brandwood, Ashley Holmes, Theresa Cheetham, Tina Ashford, Suzanne Hill, Rita Martin, Dave Watton, Sallyann Tuckwell 23/5/18 Summer termly meeting
Simon Hubbard, Tracy Brandwood 17/5/18 Interviews for teacher posts
Rose Burley, Dave Watton, Simon Hubbard 16/5/18 Finance and pay committee meeting
Tina Ashford, Suzanne Hill 15/5/18 Coffee morning
Dave Watton, Simon Hubbard, Ashley Holmes, Theresa Cheetham 9/5/18 Sites and Buildings Committee Meeting
Dave Watton 8/5/18 Health and safety link governor visit
Dave Watton 30/4/18 Meeting with Head re building
Tracy Brandwood, Rose Burley 30/4/18 Meeting with Susan Shannon, SIP
Tracy Brandwood 25/4/18 Visit to see Clerk/mtg with Linda Poole
Tracy Brandwood, Rose Burley 29/3/18 Meeting ahead of SIP mtg
Rose Burley 27/3/18 Parents coffee morning
Tracy Brandwood 27/3/18 Meeting with S4S
Theresa Cheetham, Suzanne Hill 22/3/18 Child Protection training
Tracy Brandwood 20/3/18 Meeting with Roland Roberts, Governor Support at EDC
Tracy Brandwood, Rose Burley, Sallyann Tuckwell-Allen, Tina Ashford, Theresa Cheetham, Ashley Holmes, Suzanne Hill, Simon Hubbard 14/3/18 Spring Termly Meeting
Tracy Brandwood, Simon Hubbard 12/3/18 Learning Walk/meeting with Head
Tracy Brandwood 7/3/18 Meeting with Deputy Head
Tracy Brandwood, Simon Hubbard 5/3/18 Meeting with Head
Tracy Brandwood, Tina Ashford, Ashley Holmes, Simon Hubbard 28/2/18 Prevent Training
Dave Watton, Rose Burley, Simon Hubbard 14/2/18 Finance and Pay meeting
Rose Burley, Tracy Brandwood, Suzanne Hill 12/2/18 Coffee morning
Simon Hubbard, Ashley Holmes, Theresa Cheetham 6/2/18 Sites and Buildings Committee Meeting
Simon Hubbard, Ashley Holmes, Tracy Brandwood 24/1/18 Safeguarding Training
Simon Hubbard, Ashley Holmes, Tracy Brandwood, Rose Burley 24/1/18 Ofsted Training
Dave Watton 22/1/18 Science link governor visit
Tracy Brandwood 17/1/18 Meeting with the Head/Clerk
Suzanne Hill 19/12/17 Christmas Production/Coffee Morning helper
Rose Burley 18/12/17 Christmas catch up
Suzanne Hill 29/11/17 Coffee morning
Rose Burley, Dave Watton, Chrissie Grainger, Simon Hubbard 22/11/17 Pupil Support Committee
Tracy Brandwood 21/11/17 General visit
Theresa Cheetham 9/11/17 Remembrance Service
Chrissie Grainger, Simon Hubbard, Rose Burley, Tracy Brandwood, Ashley Holmes, Suzanne Hill, Tina Ashford, Theresa Cheetham, Karen Sedgwick 8/11/17 Autumn Termly Meeting
Dave Watton 3/11/17 Health and Safety Link Governor Visit
Chrissie Grainger, Karen Sedgwick 2/11/17 Head’s appraisal meeting
Karen Sedgwick, Rose Burley, Simon Hubbard 17/10/17 Finance and Pay Committee
Dave Watton, Ashley Holmes, Simon Hubbard, Karen Sedgwick 27/9/17 Sites and Buildings Committee
Tracy Brandwood 8/9/17 Meeting with Head

Academic Year 2016-2017

Summer Term

Simon Hubbard, Dave Watton 24/7/17 Interviews for teaching assistant posts
Simon Hubbard, Dave Watton 11/7/17 Interviews for science teacher post
Simon Hubbard, Ashley Holmes 4/7/17 Curriculum and Policies Working Party meeting
Tracy Brandwood 26/6/17 Behaviour Link Governor visit
Dave Watton 12/6/17 Health and Safety Link Governor visit
Simon Hubbard, Ashley Holmes, Simon Breakspear, Karen Sedgwick, Susan Hill, Theresa Cheetham, Tracy Brandwood 24/5/17 Summer Termly meeting
Theresa Cheetham 12/5/17 Link Governor visit
Simon Hubbard, Ashley Holmes, Karen Sedgwick, Dave Watton 10/5/17 Sites and Buildings meeting
Simon Breakspear, Simon Hubbard, Rose Burley, Karen Sedgwick 8/5/17 Finance and Pay meeting

Spring Term

Theresa Cheetham 5/4/17 Link Governor visit
Chrissie Grainger, Tracy Brandwood, Rose Burley, Simon Hubbard 3/4/17 Pupil Support Committee meeting
Chrissie Grainger, Tracy Brandwood, Simon Hubbard, Ashley Holmes, Susan Hill, Theresa Cheetham 29/3/17 Spring Termly meeting
Tracy Brandwood 29/3/17 Link Governor Visit
Karen Sedgwick, Simon Hubbard, Ashley Holmes 14/3/17 Curriculum and Policies meeting
Dave Watton 13/3/17 Interviews for Teaching Assistant post
Simon Breakspear, Rose Burley, Simon Hubbard 13/2/17 Finance and Pay meeting
Simon Breakspear 8/2/17 Meeting with LA Health and Safety Adviser and Elmwood Staff
Tracy Brandwood 8/2/17 Meeting with Head and parent
Karen Sedgwick, Ashley Holmes, Dave Watton, Simon Hubbard 7/2/17 Sites and Buildings Committee meeting
Chrissie Grainger, Karen Sedgwick, Simon Hubbard 2/2/17 Curriculum and Policies meeting
Theresa Cheetham 20/1/17 Cuban Art Project
Tracy Brandwood 11/1/17 Prevent Training
Chrissie Grainger 4/1/17 Child Protection Training delivery to staff

Autumn Term

Chrissie Grainger 13/12/16 Meeting with Head and SIP
Chrissie Grainger 6/12/16 Meeting with LC re safeguarding
Chrissie Grainger 10/11/16 Meeting with Head and SIP
Simon Hubbard, Chrissie Grainger, Rose Burley, Karen Sedgwick, Simon Breakspear, Ashley Holmes, Tracy Brandwood 9/11/16 Autumn Termly Meeting
Simon Hubbard, Rose Burley, Karen Sedgwick 19/10/16 Finance and Pay Committee
Dave Watton 12/10/16 Italian themed meal
Simon Hubbard, Ashley Holmes 5/10/16 Sites and Buildings Committee (not quorate)
Chrissie Grainger, Karen Sedgwick, Simon Breakspear, Ash Holmes, Simon Hubbard 21/9/16 Special Governors Meeting
Chrissie Grainger, Karen Sedgwick 14/9/16 Head’s Appraisal Meeting
Simon Breakspear 6/9/16 Meeting with ATT re Academy Consultation