At Elmwood School we have high expectations of success and believe that attendance is the key to this success. Regular attendance at school is fundamental for our pupils to reach their full potential, so we carefully monitor pupils’ attendance and set high targets for their attendance levels. We all have responsibilities in life and the pupils at Elmwood know all about theirs and what the impact is if they fail to attend.  The table below highlights the affect of poor attendance on learning days missed:

Average Attendance Number of days learning missed?
95% 10
90% 20
85% 30
80% 40

Strategies we use to promote positive attendance at Elmwood School:
  • Attendance in accordance to bases are shared during weekly celebration assemblies.
  • Gift vouchers are provided to those who achieve 100% per term and access to school visits if their attendance is 95% or above.
  • Family Support Workers regularly drop in to the pupils’ classes, in addition to communicating frequently with parents/carers to address attendance.
  • Staff use MarvellousMe to send messages to parents/carers to praise good attendance and behaviour.
  • Monthly School Council meetings provide the opportunity for pupils to discuss attendance levels.
  • Mentoring sessions on Friday mornings allow pupils to talk through any attendance concerns on an individual basis.
  • The Education Welfare Officer, Julie Lewis, visits school weekly to monitor pupil attendance and carries out any necessary home visits. When attendance becomes a concern, Julie will arrange pupil meetings, send parents/carers warning letters and proceed to Legal prosecution if attendance doesn’t improve.
  • Progress and behaviour are tracked against attendance.
  • Learning points are not awarded if a child is not present within school, meaning weekly reparation sessions are provided to challenge and reflect on how attendance effects learning.

Our new initiatives include displaying the overall weekly attendance of each base, so pupils can compare their progress against other classes and encourage each other to improve. In addition to this every child has an attendance buddy who is responsible to offer a “friendly face” on the first day they return back to school to show that we care and want them to be a part of the school learning community. This is simulated across staff members as well, as we want to secure the best teachers and support staff to work with our pupils.

Attend Today, Achieve Tomorrow


Parents should always cover any absence with a phone call or note to school. Daily calls are made by staff to establish the reason for any pupil absence.

The Education Welfare Officer, Julie Lewis, visits School weekly to monitor pupil attendance and carry out any necessary home visits/referrals.

Elmwood discourages holidays being taken during school time and can only authorise a holiday in exceptional circumstances.  Applications should be made to the Head Teacher well in advance, using a holiday request form that is available from the school office or by clicking on the link below.


This short video supports the schools ethos / vision and curriculum design. Many of our pupils (and parents / carers) initially had positive and exciting perceptions around education and schooling but through negative experiences and many battles for parents / carers to secure the appropriate provision for your child leaves us feeling “colourless”. At Elmwood we want to place the colour back into your child’s education and perceptions of learning (which go beyond the physical building of our school), we also want to share those magical moments with parents / carers to support purposeful conversations at the end of the day so you too can recharge and get your “colour” back after a difficult day.

At Elmwood we want your child to feel excited about attending and passionate about their talents and achievements and we will stand with parents / carers on that lonely roundabout to re-ignite that passion and love for learning.

Please click here to watch a video which supports our values / ethos  and curriculum design.



ATTENDANCE ANALYSIS AUTUMN TERM 2018Appointments made for 63 students – 40 attended, equating to 63.5%. Broken down into 60.7% overall for nurture (17/28 students), transition 64.7% (11/17 students) and pathways 66.6% (12/18 students). SPRING 2019Appointments made for 64 students – 51 attended, equating to 79.6 %. Broken down into 83% overall for nurture (25/30 students), transition 82.3% (14/17 students) and pathways 70.5% (12/17 students).


SUMMER 2019Appointments made for 53 students – 46 attended, equating to  87%. Broken down into 90% overall for nurture (27/ 30students), transition 93.3% (14/15 students) and pathways 62.5% (5/8 students).



Appointments made for 57 students – 32 attended, equating to 56.1%. Broken down into 51.6% overall for nurture 54.8% (17/31students), transition 57% (4/7 students) and pathways 57.8% (11/19students).

 SPRING 2018 KS3 & 4 only

Appointments made for 26 students – 20 attended, equating to 76.9 %.  Broken down into 85.7% for Yr 9 (6/7 students), 60% for Yr 10 (6/10) and 88.8 % for Yr 11 (8/9).

 SUMMER 2018

Appointments made for 50 students36 attended, equating to 72%. Broken down  over all for nurture to 68.75% (22/32 students), transition  71.4% (5/7 students) and pathways 81.8% (9/11 students)


ATTENDANCE ANALYSIS AUTUMN TERM 2016Appointments made for 53 students – 34 attended, equating to 64.15%. Broken down into 72.7% overall for nurture (16/22 students), transition 41.6% (5/12 students) and pathways 65% (13/20 students). SPRING 2017 KS3 & 4 onlyAppointments made for 32 students – 24 attended, equating to 75%.  Broken down into 75% overall for transition (9/12 students) and pathways 75% (15/20 students). SUMMER 2017Appointments made for 41 students – 27 attended, equating to 65.85%.  Broken down into 76.1% overall for nurture (16/21 students), 30% for transition (3/10 students) and 70% for pathways (7/10 students).


 ATTENDANCE ANALYSIS AUTUMN TERMAppointments made for 36 students – 24 attended, equating to 66%. Broken down into 60% overall for nurture (9/15 students), transition 77% (7/9 students) and pathways 69% (9/13 students). SPRINGAppointments made for 45 students – 24 attended, equating to 53.3%. Broken down into 53% overall for nurture (9/17 students), transition 54.5% (6/13 students) and pathways 53% (9/17 students). SUMMERAppointments made for 41 pupils, 31 attended, equating to 75.6%.  Broken down into 88.8% overall for nurture (16/18 students), transition 63.6% (7/11 students) and pathways 66.6% (8/12 students)