Attendance records are kept showing when Governors came into School either for meetings or other occasions.  A big thank you to our governors for all their support and hard work.

Academic Year 2019-2020

Georgina Edmunds 16/7/20 Link governor visit with Acting Headteacher
Tracy Brandwood 13/7/20 Admin visit with Clerk to the Governors
Rita Martin, Lee Cross, James Hawkins, Sallyann Tuckwell-Allen, Georgina Edmunds 30/6/20 Curriculum and policies meeting (virtual)
Tracy Brandwood, Lee Cross 26/6/20 Interview for Head of Technology Faculty
Tracy Brandwood, Sallyann Tuckwell-Allen, Lee Cross, James Hawkins 25/6/20 Summer termly meeting
Rose Burley (telephone link), Tracy Brandwood, Lee Cross 22/6/20 Finance and pay meeting
Lee Cross, James Hawkins, Dave Watton 10/6/20 Sites and buildings meeting (virtual)
Sallyann Tuckwell-Allen 9/6/20 Meeting with Acting Headteacher
Tracy Brandwood, Sallyann Tuckwell-Allen, Rita Martin, James Hawkins, Rose Burley, Dave Watton, Georgina Edmunds, Suzanne Hill, Dannielle Webb 20/5/20 Special meeting re Headteacher appointment (virtual)
Tracy Brandwood, Sallyann Tuckwell-Allen, Rita Martin 20/5/20 Headteacher interview
Tracy Brandwood 20/4/20 Meeting with Acting Headteacher
Lee Cross, James Hawkins, Sallyann Tuckwell-Allen, Rita Martin, Georgina Edmunds 31/3/20 Curriculum and Policies meeting (virtual)
Theresa Cheetham, Lee Cross, Ashley Holmes, Tracy Brandwood, Sallyann Tuckwell-Allen, Rita Martin, Dannielle Webb, Dave Watton, Georgina Edmunds 12/3/20 Spring termly meeting
Georgina Edmunds 12/3/20 Link governor visit with Lee Cross, Acting Headteacher
Lee Cross, Tracy Brandwood 9/3/20 Meeting with LA, Trudy Pyatt and Duncan Whitehouse
Dave Watton, Lee Cross, Ashley Holmes, Theresa Cheetham 26/2/20 Sites and Buildings Committee Meeting
Rose Burley, Dannielle Webb, Sallyann Tuckwell-Allen 12/2/20 LPPA Afternoon Tea event
Tracy Brandwood, Sallyann Tuckwell-Allen, Ashley Holmes, Dave Watton, Rita Martin, Theresa Cheetham, Dannielle Webb 6/2/20 Special Full Governing Body Meeting
Tracy Brandwood, Theresa Cheetham 5/2/20 WRAP training
Tracy Brandwood, Lee Cross, Rose Burley, Dave Watton 5/2/20 Finance and Pay Committee Meeting
Tracy Brandwood 5/2/20 Meeting with School Ambassadors
Tracy Brandwood 27/1/20 Meeting with Clerk
Rose Burley 24/1/20 Meeting with Lee Cross and Councillor Towe
Tracy Brandwood 20/1/20 Meeting with Ian Gilbert, HR adviser
Tracy Brandwood 9/1/20 Emotion Coaching Training
Tracy Brandwood 18/12/19 Christmas lunch
Suzanne Hill, Dave Watton, Danielle Webb 12/12/19 Christmas Production
Tracy Brandwood, Danielle Webb 9/12/19 LPPA assessment
Rita Martin, Sallyann Tuckwell-Allen, Tracy Brandwood, Ashley Holmes, Lee Cross 3/12/19 Scrutiny Panel Meeting
Dave Watton 29/11/19 Health and Safety Link Governor Visit
Rita Martin, Lee Cross, Ashley Holmes, Sallyann Tuckwell-Allen 28/11/19 Curriculum and Policies Committee Meeting
Tracy Brandwood, Sallyann Tuckwell-Allen, Rose Burley, Georgina Edmunds, Danielle Webb, Suzanne Hill, Ashley Holmes, Lee Cross 14/11/19 Autumn Termly Meeting
Tracy Brandwood 11/11/19 Meeting with LA (SK, TP, DW) and Acting Head
Tracy Brandwood 4/11/19 Meeting with Roland Roberts, NGA
Tracy Brandwood 4/11/19 Meeting with Clerk
Tracy Brandwood 23- 24/10/19 Team Teach Training/Link governor visit
Rose Burley, Dave Watton, Lee Cross 18/10/19 Pay and Finance Meeting
Ashley Holmes, Lee Cross, Rita Martin, Sallyann Tuckwell-Allen, Tracy Brandwood 15/10/19 Scrutiny Panel Meeting
Suzanne Hill, Dave Watton 15/10/19 Link Governor Visit – Macmillan coffee morning
Rose Burley, Tracy Brandwood 2/10/19 Acting Head’s appraisal meeting
Dave Watton, Ashley Holmes, Lee Cross 1/10/19 Sites and Buildings Committee Meeting
Tracy Brandwood 17/9/19 Meeting with Acting Head