Elmwood School Vision Statement

Elmwood School has embarked on a journey to be an outstanding provider of education services to some of Walsall’s most vulnerable young people.

Elmwood School works at the heart of the Walsall community to support young people and their families to overcome the barriers that prevent them from becoming effective citizens. We provide an integrated caring service working with other agencies to identify the needs, uphold the rights and emphasise the responsibilities of young people who have special needs.

Elmwood enables young people, who have not necessarily had a positive experience of education, to enjoy success and reach their potential in a small nurturing environment. We aim to set clear expectations and boundaries that allow pupils of all abilities equal opportunities to achieve their personal goals.

Elmwood offers a personalised learning experience allowing young people to develop physically and mentally in a happy, calm, structured and supportive environment. Our differentiated curriculum is designed to engage the disaffected with a strong emphasis on Literacy, Numeracy and Physical fitness alongside a range of vocational qualifications underpinned with a commitment to Outdoor Education as a way of developing the whole child. We aim to offer a wide range of appropriate qualifications which enable every learner to access further education or employment.

Elmwood values the unique nature of every individual student and is committed to them achieving their potential.  We acknowledge the challenges facing those with Social and Emotional issues and a range of complex needs and are understanding and empathetic. However we have high expectations of success and believe that together as a community we can work though issues and develop independent life long learners with genuinely enhanced options of a healthy and productive life.