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Annual Review Arrangements

Every child and their parents/carers are encouraged to attend the annual review of their child’s EHCP which enables us all to celebrate the short and long term achievements of pupils. It is also important for pupils and parents/carers to be aware of the targets set for their child to enable at least at expected progress from baseline assessment into the school and attainment outcomes for them at the end of Key Stage 4 (to be aspirational – in line with non-statemented pupils).


This meeting is also an opportunity to discuss whether Elmwood School is the appropriate provision for the child and if a parent/carer feel that their needs are being met (as highlighted within the EHCP).

Academic Year
Number of Meetings
Parent/Carer Attendance

The views of parents and carers are important as they ensure that their child’s EHCP is relevant and up to date.  

Below are copies of the proformas that are completed/circulated ahead of review meetings taking place.

The school adopts a Person Centred Plan from year 9 to support appropriate career pathways and preparation for adulthood with our Independent Careers and Guidance Advisor (Rachael Maybank) who can be contacted via email on This plan is reviewed annually and parental/carers involvement in this process is essential.

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