Below are a number of fact sheets explaining to parents/carers what they need to know about the use of Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Netflix and Google.

National Online Safety – Snapchat

National Online Safety – Facebook

Instagram June 2020

National Online Safety – Netflix

National Online Safety Google Stadia Advice


This short video provides parents and carers with:

  • An introduction to NCA-CEOP, the Thinkuknow education programme and its resources
  • Advice on how they can keep their child safe online, including a helpful tool to support them in having the right conversations about online safety.

https://Online safety video


Below is a useful resource around a ‘Parent’s Guide to Online Risks and Tools to Protect Parents, Their Children and Others From Harm in the Digital Space’ which has been produced by Walsall LA.

Building Digital Resilience.


As children are likely to be spending more time on line, This website contains loads of useful tips for helping to keep them safe.


A primary school has shared concerns regarding the app below that appears to have been used by an 8 year old, but led to a serious situation of online grooming.

 Please be aware of the potential perils of this app.



West Midlands Police has been made aware of an App called “UNICO LIVE”.  The app is publicised as age restricted 12+ and designed for young people to upload videos of them performing, singing and dancing etc.; it has come to our attention that there is inappropriate content on the platform involving young people which is being investigated.

The content does not appear to be monitored and we urge you to raise awareness widely to increase vigilance and reduce the likelihood of any child being sexually exploited.





An alert has been raised by a local primary school to the content of the above as the content sounds very worrying and parents/carers just see their children watching a cartoon without releasing the seriousness of the content.

It has been brought to our attention that some of our pupils are watching a cartoon on YouTube called Rick & Morty. This is NOT suitable for children to be watching as it is made for adult viewing and has adult content inc: Sex, Drugs, Alcohol etc. Please can you check that your child doesn’t have access to this as parents are presuming it is just a cartoon.


A Walsall primary has shared a concern regarding the above site where it appears that indecent pictures were sent to children, please be vigilant.


Parents and Carers are advised of the following safeguarding concern raised by a local Primary School.

A Youtuber called Chad Wild Clay posts Youtube videos that look and sound very child friendly but when you watch them they are actually about weapons – knives, knuckle gloves that can have blades attached, concealed knives in everyday objects. The most concerning thing is that these videos are targeting younger children and there is no age restriction attached.  The most concerning thing is that if parents glanced at the youtube video they would think it is suitable for their children to watch as it is just like the videos where children are opening surprise toys.


Parents and Carers are advised to be aware of a new online suicide game called Momo which targets young children on social media. The eerie game is synonymous with the face of a girl with long, black hair and big bug-like eyes staring straight through the lens and encourages them to add a contact on messaging service WhatsApp or it can also be played via Facebook, YouTube and other online platforms.  It encourages children to self-harm then hounds them with violent images and dares and the ultimate post tells them to take their own lives.


ONLINE GAME ALERT – DOKI DOKI LITERATURE CLUB. We have received an alert regarding the above game, its home page clearly states This game is not suitable for children or those who are easily disturbed. The game apparently gets users to complete a game that shows how to kill themselves and kill other people, following a story that strips their emotions. Parents and Carers are advised to be aware.

YOTI app is where children can request the removal of sexual images of themselves which have been shared online which has been verified as legitimate by the National Crime Agency.

Childline and the Internet Watch Foundation have come together to provide a service where children can request the removal of sexual images of themselves which have been shared online. As part of that process the child would be asked to provide a link to where the image is stored online, rather than send the image itself.

The child is also required to verify their identity and age which is done through the YOTI app. YOTI will not store images of the child’s ID following the verification process.

Below are a couple of online resources which contain details regarding this service:

Sexting | Why do young people do it? Is it illegal? How to explain the risks to your child, and what to do if a child has shared an explicit image.

There is a section which covers what you can do if you’ve lost control of a sexual image and refers to the YOTI app. AN IMAGE OR VIDEO Nude image of you online? We can help you take it down.

This is the portal where you can report images and videos for take down and again refers to using the app to verify age.  We hope you find this of assistance in protecting young people on line.

Parents and carers attention is drawn to another app called ‘Amino’.  The app allows users to create a profile where they can pretend to be a character, cartoon, vampire etc and they can discuss fantasies.  The app  appears very child like with colourful cartoon characters and could be easily overlooked by parents.  The site appears to revolve around fantasy role play and would be an ideal tool for use by perpetrators wishing to contact or groom victims.

Live.Me is an app which allows you to connect and share via live video.  Concerns relating to sharing content in real time with strangers and the ability to share these on social media have been raised.  Please make your child aware of the dangers of communicating with strangers and issues relating to taking videos.

A warning has been issued around an app called ‘Yellow’.  The app could be used by sexual predators to groom innocent young people and is available for both the iphone and android devices – it bills itself as a ‘free way to make new chat friends’.  Yellow has no checks in place that verifies the age of its users.

A FREE guide has been made available from The National Online Safety Team to share with the community about Yubo (formerly Yellow), the social media application which has been commonly labelled as ‘Tinder for Teens’. The guide informs parents about the dangers associated with the platform and how they can reduce the associated risks, including, but not limited to; Bullying, Low Self Esteem, ‘Going Live’ and Location Features.The free guide for parents is available here:

Dumbsmash – an app called Dumbsmash is a video messaging app where people can upload themselves singing over famous songs and then choose to share via whatsapp, facebook, instagram or via a text message.  It is not intended for children under 18 and you must be 18 or 13 years or older with parents permission to use it.  There is  also a questions and answers site about the app which talks about Dumbsmash 2.  Dumbsmash 2 has nothing to do with the Dumbsmash app as it is a malware app that hides itself on phones and then pushes users to porn sites.  As soon as it is set up, the icon deletes itself and runs it in the background without the users knowledge. Please be aware of students use of this app.

Blue Whale Suicide Game – concern has also been rasied around the social media game Blue Whale which is sinister in what it encourages young people to do. British police are warning parents about the dangers of which is said to be responsible for hundreds of teenage suicides in Russia.

The ‘Blue Whale challenge’ encourages at-risk participants to take part in a series of tasks like cutting themselves every day for 50 days. They are then instructed to kill themselves on the final day of the sick ‘challenge’.  Parents and Carers are advised to be vigilent and talk to their child of any concerns around this sick game.


Prevent is a government strategy designed to stop people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorist or extremist causes.  An information leaflet explaining what this entails is on the leaflet below.  If you have any questions or concerns about the Prevent strategy and what it means for your child, please do not hesitate to contact the school.  Our Single Point of Contact (Prevent Lead) is Mr Lee Cross with Bev Bailey, Family Welfare Officer as Deputy SPOC.



The Government has launched the above website – which is designed to equip parents as well as schools with the information, tools and resources needed to recognise and address extremism and radicalisation in young people.


Sharing information online is now part of everyday life. Digital devices can capture, store and share personal information in an instant. We are all at risk of oversharing personal and private information but none more so than children. Children are at risk of sharing too much personal information with strangers and with other children. Most children use the internet to explore social and personal relationships safely, but it is all too easy to be put at risk.  Keeping children safe on line  is of paramount importance; further details on becoming a ‘Gooseberry Guru’ can be found on our safeguarding page.


Sexual exploitation is a crime that parents and carers should be aware of.  Support can be found by clicking here.


Below is a useful document that parents and carers may find useful in coping with self harm.



FREE: Online Parenting Course which includes topics such as radicalisation and extremism, cyberbullying and sexting.  Further details on our parents area page.

Children, Sexting and Sexual Imagery  – sharing information online is now part of everyday life. Learn how to become a Gooseberry Guru from the document below issued by Gooseberry Planet.

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