Week commencing 17th January 2022 we were able to welcome 24 Initial Teacher Trainees from the Barr Beacon SCITT. It was great to be able to host this annual event (face to face) enabling fellow professionals at the start of their teaching journey to see the amazing work we all do with the pupils and their families regardless of the barriers and challenges. It was particularly rewarding to welcome back a fellow Elmwood pupil who recognised the importance of us all in reaching his potential in becoming a teacher. It did make a few members of staff realise how long we had been at Elmwood (in a nice way of course). All 24 trainees spoke positively about their experience and valued the open and honest approach to what we do well and what the next steps are to become that 1% better. Here is a selection of the statements made by the trainees during our “What Stuck with You” session:

  • The honesty from pupils and staff when discussing behaviour expectations.
  • Pupils take ownership of their learning journey.
  • Pupils provided with structure to reflect.
  • The curriculum builds resilience for all (regardless of starting points).
  • Relaxed and purposeful learning environment which is child centred.
  • Flexible approach to everything – it’s not just about the outcome, it’s about supporting the pupil through that journey.
  • Pupils are open to acknowledge their emotions.
  • The use of reflection rooms to self-regulate.
  • Reading is well promoted and is challenging.
  • Staff seem like a real team.
  • Staff know their pupils really well – even the small details about what they ate last night.
  • Able to problem solve with the child and not for the child.
  • Pupils are surrounded by sensible and nice people.