I just wanted to congratulate our Year 11 (2020 Leavers) for all their hard work and determination over the past 5 years. There have been many challenges for this cohort (COVID-19, Ofqual algorithms and Ministers u-turns on policies and procedures) BUT today isn’t about that, today is about acknowledging the hard work and commitment of our pupils and the support and guidance provided by their Elmwood family and parents/carers. Many of our pupils had achieved their qualifications prior to lockdown through an immense amount of determination and commitment to working hard during the Autumn Term; this enabled them throughout the lockdown period to fine tune coursework to support the subject teachers in collating robust evidence which then enabled accurate predicted grades to be submitted to the Examination Boards. 
This is Elmwood’s 10th year of continued and sustained pupil attainment – that reinforces our drive to continue to improve each year. It is also our 3rd year where we have achieved 100% of year 11 leavers achieving a Post-16 destination. 
There have been some standout performances this year with one pupil achieving a Grade 8 in their IGCSE English Language and a Grade 6 in the same qualification. For those pupils who sat their GCSE’s all achieved a Grade 4 or above. 
In addition I would also like to thank Miss R Llewellyn (Health and Social Care Teacher) at Barr Beacon School for her support and expertise in enabling one of our pupils to achieve the school’s first ever BTEC Level 2 Distinction Grade. This is another example of school to school collaboration that has had a positive impact on a young person’s life chances.  
As professionals we have a duty to show compassion, understanding and tolerance to our Year 11 (2020 leavers) as they continue on their educational journey. They didn’t ask for their exams to be cancelled, they didn’t choose to not celebrate the end of their secondary educational journey with friends and teachers. They have worked hard to achieve their grades; if there is any “missed knowledge” then I am confident that my colleagues within the field of education will help them navigate these problems. 
For all those involved in these achievements take the time to celebrate them.