I just wanted to express my appreciation and gratitude for allowing me to spend a fascinating 2 weeks at your school. The experience was one which I thoroughly enjoyed and gained so much from. From the receptionist, to the senior team, to the children and Mr Francis, the level of warmth and support given was second to none. I have gained so much knowledge and practical strategies related to behaviour management and classroom control from observing your staff, who are a credit to your school. The level of dedication and commitment from your staff in building relationships and setting high expectations which challenge and inspire pupils is something which I have found quite inspiring and I believe, a reflection of the high standards set by your senior team. In summary, two weeks at your school wasn’t enough and I wish I could have stayed for longer!  Again, Thank you for everything.

Mohammed Adnan, Student teacher


After having visited Elmwood for work experience in October 2018, I would like to express my gratitude to the school. During my week at Elmwood, my time was mainly spent with a Year 9 class, which had pupils with a wide variety of mental health problems and learning difficulties.

Firstly, I would like to recognise the effectiveness of the points system and the opportunity to challenge other pupils on whether they have achieved the targets for the lesson. I noticed that pupils were keen to achieve and gain all the points possible, and would try their best to go above and beyond in quite a few instances. The opportunity to challenge others meant the class could collectively discuss and recognise whether someone’s actions were tolerable or not.

Moreover, the structure of lessons and way of teaching meant that the learning wasn’t too intense for the pupils, but it still pushed them to achieve whilst also getting any help that they needed.

During my week, I felt very fortunate to meet such amazing staff and such motivated pupils. My experience has helped me to decide that this is definitely a career I would like to pursue in the future, after having finished my studies.

Sophie Day, Year 12 Work Experience Student


Our partnership with Elmwood has not only garnered a culture of collective trust, it has also fostered a unique learning experience for both our students and theirs.  Research tells us that all young people need a wide range of learning opportunities and support to succeed.  Working collaboratively with Elmwood within our community helps to spread an ethos of understanding, respect, empathy and a sense of belonging.  We are proud of our relationship with Elmwood and their dedicated staff and pupils.  This precious affiliation has given our students experience working with a diverse group of young people and most importantly a real sense of achievement. G Cosnett, Walsall Academy


Our Year 7 students have reflected on their first term at Elmwood and copies of their comments are below.  Comments include:

‘This School does not need to change anything because everything and everyone are very good, I feel great about this School and so do my friends’ – Swayvon.

‘I feel happy at Elmwood School, I feel like I want to live here’ – by Courtney.

‘Elmwood to me, is safe.  I have made extraordinary mates and have incredible banter.  My experiences have been awesome during my first term’ – by Rhys.

‘I am happy at Elmwood School and enjoy coming.  I like out and about’.

Year 7 letters


‘I want to say just how happy I am that my son Bradley Ravenscroft came to Elmwood.  I am so proud of what he has achieved.

Since joining in April 2013 and making progress in the first few weeks this continued with some usual ups and downs of school life but he has come through with the dedication and hard work of all the support of everyone involved with him.

Bradley has achieved academically and most of all he is happy and looking forward to moving onwards and upwards, this has been made possible because of the support he has had and the encouragement.

I know if is your job but I can’t thank you enough, you all work so hard and do it so well.

Thank you so much for everything, I am bursting with pride’.

Written by Nicola Flett (Bradley’s mom).

Below are copies of the Year 11 leavers survey conducted in Summer 2017 which include comments such as ‘Elmwood School is amazing.  This School is different.  This School is fun and exciting’, ‘My life has changed in ways I can’t describe’, ‘It is different from other Schools but in the best way’.

Year 11 leavers survey summer 2017


I just wanted to express the Local Authority’s appreciation of the fantastic work that you are doing with a year 9 pupil. As you are aware he is a young person who had traumatic formative years which were coupled with a transient lifestyle of parents before coming to the Local Authority’s care. He has previously struggled to engage with education but listening to your comments during his last PEP review was really refreshing as you described him as a model student, which is a complete turnaround from what he was 12 months ago.

Thank you very much to you and your team. Masimba Kadzviti ,Social Worker,Directorate for People,PO Box 15566, Birmingham.


We are always pleased to help and support students from local Schools and Universities when we can whether it be for a few days or weeks. These placements have been very positive and successful for both students and the School with good feedback often being received at the end of the placement.

Below are some of the comments we have received.

‘I came to Elmwood School as part of a placement for my PGCE course where I had to experience an alternative education environment.  I was extremely impressed with the way the school was run, the pupils and the staff that I met. I spent the majority of my time in the year 7 base classroom and whilst there made a good relationship  with pupils. It was brilliant to see how much time and effort was being put into these pupils and you could really see that it had paid off, students were happy at school and were given opportunities that you don’t get to see in mainstream schools where the focus always seems to be on exam results! I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the school and it has helped me to become the kind of teacher I am today, it also encouraged me to realise the type of pupils I wanted to work with, which is why I am now a year 7 / 8 nurture group teacher. I took a lot of positives from my time at the school and felt welcome during every stage – even down to the assembly on my final day where I was thanked and presented with a box of chocolates!  

I can honestly say that I enjoyed every minute of my time at Elmwood School, and would happily go back there if a job ever came up!’    statement by Lucy Brookes.

Lydia Holford, a student from Wolverhampton University, forwarded the attached report following her time at Elmwood:

Lydia Holford pdf

In addtion Elmwood supported Kirsty Allen from Chester University who successfully gained a first following submission of her recent placement report.  Kirsty stated that she was more than happy with this result and she can’t thank the School enough for all the support and guidance staff gave her.  Good luck for the future Kirsty.