Message from Senior Leadership Team and Governing Body  

The Christmas period is now fully over and we have completed another successful Autumn Term where 91% of the groups achieved at least a good behaviour judgement and 91% of pupils are working at least at expected progress in English, 89% in Maths and 95% in Science. This secures a judgement of OUTSTANDING progress (from their starting points). The school has continued to grow with 72 pupils now on roll and a growing reputation with other Local Authorities – being their choice for placing pupils with SEMH needs.

We have provided staff, pupils, parents/carers significant time to digest the recommendations from the Section 5 Ofsted Inspection, November 2018. I appreciate that the outcome wasn’t what we wanted, but there were many positives within the report and it highlighted the school’s positives around pupil progress and attainment within English and Maths; that pupils feel safe and that the school is a calm and purposeful environment. The pastoral care for both parents / carers and pupils is a high priority and this all culminates in all of our year 11 pupils (2018 leavers) still being within education, training and employment (which is in line with Queen Mary’s Grammar School).

The Leadership Team at the school alongside the Governing Body are working hard to secure a robust Post Ofsted Action Plan and look forward to implementing these changes.

What does this mean to parents/carers and pupils of Elmwood?

  • Pupils receive a high quality curriculum that prepares them for the future.
  • A committed and dedicated team who are passionate about improving life opportunities for pupils.
  • Pupils are achieving at least expected progress from baseline entry into school, which is regularly celebrated.

 What we will do in the future?

  • Create more opportunities for staff to demonstrate their leadership abilities.
  • Greater scrutiny of pupil work.
  • More focus on pupils showing they have acted on feedback from staff.
  • Greater curriculum opportunities for those who are more able, gifted or talented within English, Maths and Science.
  •  Stretch and challenge for all pupils within lessons.

We look forward to working with staff, pupils, parents/carers and external agencies, to achieve our goals and an improved Ofsted judgement in the future.