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Pupil Premium

As a School all of our children are valued and nurtured regardless of whether they are LAC/FSM and EVER 6 students.    We believe that as well as financial support, students, especially those in care need love and guidance to help them on their journey through life.

We want our students to appreciate that material items and money are not everything and other factors such as a positive attitude, honesty and commitment are equally as important.

Through the use of pupil premium money we aim to address all of the above and at the same time set safe boundaries to learn right from wrong helping to develop their life skills and provide academic success.

All students should have access and opportunities and not be discriminated against purely for financial or their care situations.

Headline Figures:

The documents below demonstrate the positives; challenges; review of previous steps and next steps for those who are identified as being a LAC/FSM or NFSM across the key stages and core subjects. Statistical comparison is very difficult across small cohorts but we have tried to highlight how many pupils this is when aspiring to a 0% gap analysis between FSM & LAC and the NFSM cohort:

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