I am extremely proud to work within the education system and specifically within Special Education (Social, Emotional and Mental Health). The past 2 academic years have been different (I will not say difficult – as I believe that could devalue the achievements of our young people).
Regardless of the many changes and disruptions to their normal learning opportunities this year’s Year 11 (2021) have managed to attend regularly, engage with staff purposefully and work tirelessly to be that 1% better. This commitment and aspiration have resulted in yet another successful GCSE results day (continuing our 11 year trend). There have been many stand out achievements, but here are a few headlines:
  • 2 pupils achieved Grade 9 (the highest possible grade) in English Language.
  • 1 pupil achieved Grade 8 (our previously highest grade) in English Language. 
  • 3 pupils achieved Level 2 Merit in their BTEC Sport – our most successful cohort at Elmwood. 
  • 2 pupils achieved a Grade 6 in Chemistry (our first time offering this qualification). 
  • 2 pupils achieved a Grade 6 in Math’s – our highest ever grades!
  • 3 pupils were able to record a GCSE Grade 4 or above across all core subjects (English, Math’s and Science).      
The school continues to grow, develop and improve which is having a sustained positive impact on the pupils we serve at Elmwood. A massive thanks to all of the staff, past and present, who have made this all possible. These results are not achieved within 2 years, they are the culmination of 5 years hard work and commitment from you, and the pupils would like to say thank you for believing in them to be the best version of themselves and for enabling them to re-imagine their potential. 
They are in a strong and stable position to navigate the next stage of their educational journey and  will be regarded as Quality People. 
Lee Cross