The School Council consists of representatives from all bases and are fully involved in many areas of School life including the recruitment of any staff.  They meet regularly with our Family Welfare Officers and the Headteacher.

Our current members are:

Year 7    Rocco 

Year 8    Levi, Ty, Josh and Mkenzie

Year 9    Ellis and Re’Shea

Year 10   Logan, Reece and Charlie Ann 

Year 11    Rianna and Jake

Other pupils will have the opportunity to experience interviewing staff or sitting on school council meetings in the future.

Below are copies of the minutes for information:

Academic Year 2021-2022

6th April 2022

10th January 2022

16th December 2021

12th October 2021

Academic Year 2020-2021

25th March 2021

20th October 2020

21st January 2020