Dear Parents / Carers
The announcement this evening regarding the South African derivative of COVID-19 would have clearly caused additional anxieties for you and your child. I am having a meeting with the Local Authority and Public Health Walsall tomorrow (02.02.21) at 11 am – and I’m sure that there will be further guidance. However, I wanted to be able to provide the following control measures that we will be able to put in place from tomorrow until we break up for February 1/2 term (10.02.21): 
  • All pupils and staff that have provided consent will be tested every day they are on site. 
  • Any pupils or staff that are expected to be on site that reside in the WS2 area will receive LFT within an area separate from the whole school population (the school library).  
  • All pupils and staff that reside on the border to WS2 (which is WS3; WS4; WS1; WS10; WV12 and WV13) will be tested within their usual testing areas. 
  • Any pupil of staff member who requests a test outside of those postcodes will be able to access an LFT as well – to maintain their peace of mind. 
Those pupils who are expecting a safe and well visit by a member of staff will firstly complete the following: 
  • Identify if the pupil they are visiting resides in WS2, if they do then the safe and well visit will be completed via phone call. (Staff please contact the safeguarding team to confirm postcodes of the pupils you are responsible for).  
  • If the pupil resides in an area that borders WS2 the visit can still occur – but requires parental request (if not agreed) then a phone call will occur to ascertain the mental health and well-being of the pupil and their family members. 
The safety of the Elmwood Community is paramount at this time, but if we all work together, we can still maintain our usual high standards in meeting the needs of each and every one of you. 
Best wishes and thanks for your continued support.