On Thursday 23rd May our Year 9 pupils had the opportunity to visit Kidzania in London.  Pupils had the opportunity to sample a variety of careers and earn kidzo currency; this can then be spent on experiences inside the Kidzania town.  Examples of work range from cleaning windows to hosting the tv news, delivering packages to performing dentistry, performing in the theatre to being a fire fighter, over 33 different roles. Five pupils gained a degree in politics, which enabledDigital Camera them to earn additional money at all of the roles. Several students flew a plane, seated in a real cockpit of an actual Boeing aeroplane and gained their pilot wings.

Upon leaving the venue, a delicious meal was enjoyed at at Beaconsfield Services which according to Mr Hawks, PE teacher, is the best service station in Europe!

Digital CameraSeveral pupils were recognised for their achievements on the day with Billy and Kacey gaining the top two prizes of mini drones kindly donated by Mr. Wood.  Another pupil had his leadership skills recognised with a reward also and everyone who had engaged positively with the day enjoyed a tasty treat on Friday. A great experience for all involved and pupils managed themselves brilliantly especially during the six hours travelling time.