It is with great pleasure that I can introduce myself as the Headteacher of Elmwood School. Throughout my journey as a senior leader within this school I can honestly say that the staff, pupils, parents and professionals work tirelessly together to achieve the same common goal for our pupils to be the “best version of themselves”. 

This is achieved through a dedicated team who are extremely knowledgeable in the changing landscape of breaking down barriers to learning for those pupils who have Social, Emotional and Mental Health difficulties identified as a primary need within their EHCP. 

Elmwood is a calm, purposeful and safe environment where the educational and emotional needs are paramount for all that embark on our learning community. As a school we align our practice through the “Rights of the Child” and work in collaboration so all understand that with these rights comes responsibilities. We also provide opportunities for “risk taking” so that we can all make inform choices within our own community. The impact of such is fantastic outcomes at KS4, resulting in a high percentage of year 11’s remaining within education, training or employment.

If you are ready “to choose your adventure” then please arrange a visit and see if you could add value to our Elmwood Learning Community. 

The Elmwood Way identifies the core values being at the heart of what we do, aligned to these values are observable behaviours that are demonstrable by all who are involved with Elmwood’s Learning Community.

Care for Self Care for Others Care for our Environment
 I take responsibility for my own emotions and behaviours.

 I take responsibility for my own learning.

 I am proud of my achievements.

 I am resilient when things get difficult.

 I reflect upon my impact on others.

 I celebrate in others achievements.

I practice being honest, compassionate and empathetic.

 I talk to people, not about them.

 I respect my own and others property.

 I care about our environment.

 I show a contribution to our community.

Next comes the aims of the school which show the journey of the child through the schools designated bases Nurture (Years 7 and 8); Transition (Year 9) and Pathways (Years 10 and 11) and the observable behaviours and activities they will complete during that period of time.

Finally comes the vision, which encompasses the schools drive to re-imagine the potential of your child (and the staff who work with them) to make them active and positive contributions beyond the gates of Elmwood School.