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Admission Arrangements

All pupils who come to Elmwood are supported by an Education, Health and Care Plan.   This process takes place because a statutory assessment is requested either by the child’s parents/carers, or the school that the child attends. Elmwood will have been recommended as the placement most suitable to meet the child’s needs.

Parents and Carers should contact Walsall LA, SEND Department, email address

or telephone 01922 652871 to find out more about admission arrangements for our School. 

A copy of our admissions and induction policy is available on our policies page of the website.

Parents and Carers are encouraged to attend annual review/transition meetings and receive two letters of invitation; one six weeks before the meeting and a further letter two weeks before.  For information, below are copies of some of the documents circulated.

Parents/Carers and pupils have the opportunity to visit the school as part of our pre admission process and are given a parental handbook containing relevant forms and information. New pupils are all given a ‘Welcome to Elmwood Pack’ which includes information as well as goodies such as a personalised Elmwood pump bag.

It may be necessary for a child to initially begin on a part time placement or be placed in the integration group especially if the child has not been in a school for sometime.

Year 7 pupils begin their journey in our specialist Year 7 nurture base where they have a teacher and teaching assistant dedicated to them. This nurture group enables us to support our pupils through the transition process by gradually introducing them to the wider school. Contact is made with the pupils during Year 6 to help ease the transition from primary to secondary school and during July new pupils will spend sessions in the nurture base in readiness for September.

An open afternoon is also arranged for parents of pupils currently in Year 6 ahead of them making any decision on their child’s secondary placement.

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