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Safeguarding Information

Safeguarding is an area that we take seriously and we strive to try and keep our young people safe both at school, home and the wider community.

We currently have a team of staff who make up our Safeguarding Team in School these are:

Lee Cross,  Headteacher  (Single Point of Contact – SPOC/Deputy DSL)

Beverley Bailey, Family Welfare Officer,  (Designated Safeguarding Lead/Deputy SPOC/Mental Health Lead) contact no. 07799742758

Gemma Francis, Deputy Headteacher

Martin Hawkes, Assistant Headteacher/Mental Health Lead

All members of the safeguarding team are trained at Level 2 and is reviewed every two years.

All staff are trained at Level 1 and a number at Level 2, and is reviewed annually.

Walsall Child Protection Procedures, supporting agencies and training events can be accessed via the Walsall Safeguarding Children Board.


Safeguarding Contacts
  • MASH - 0300 555 2866

  • Out of Hours - 0300 555 2922

  • Police - 101/999

  • Michelle Pinnock-Ouma - 01922 654040

  • LADO (Allegations against staff) - 07432 422205


0121 464 2612



0121 569 4800



01785 277151



01902 551199

Electronic Multi-Agency Referral Form (eMARF) links
Children suffering or likely to suffer significant harm

Local Authorities have a duty to make enquiries under Section 47 of the Children Act 1989 if they have reasonable cause to suspect that a child is suffering, or is likely to suffer, significant harm. Any concerns can be made directly via the online tool Report Child Abuse to your Local Council which will direct you to the relevant local children’s social care contact number.

Operation Encompass

The school will be taking part in a jointly run operation between Walsall Council, and West Midlands Police, it is called Operation Encompass. Encompass has been set-up to help schools to provide support to children who have been present at incidents of domestic violence. We know that children can be significantly physically or emotionally harmed when they are involved in, present or witness to domestic violence.  Lee Cross and Bev Bailey are our key named staff.


Acceptable Use Agreements

All staff, volunteers and students are made aware of our IT acceptable use procedures and sign relevant proformas accordingly. Copies of which are below.

eSafety In The Curriculum

The PSHE curriculum is designed to teach our pupils about the risks associated with the online world, not only in the Elmwood community but the wider community as well. Within session such as “snagged” and “the web we want”, the curriculum discusses how we should conduct ourselves online in order to be as safe as possible. It also shows how people abuse the internet to target vulnerable people.

Topics are: –

  • Online profile safety

  • Dangers of posting images

  • How to report concerns

  • Talking to friends and unknown people


As this curriculum is delivered to Elmwood pupils as well as another local secondary school, common topics are being taught to pupils from across the borough. This is beneficial, as pupils whose friends are local have a similar knowledge and pupils can support each other if they do not want to talk to an adult or teacher. 


Further to this, staff report all online concerns, this allows a tailored approach for each pupil and their families.


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