Elmwood School has a governing body made up of ten members (9 governors and twoe associate members).  These include representatives from the Local Authority, community (co-opted), parents and staff. 

The Chair of Governors is Ms Tracy Brandwood and the Vice-chair is Mrs Sallyann Tuckwell-Allen. The Clerk to the Governors is Mrs Dawn Canham.

The Governing Body has three main key roles which are to provide a strategic view, to act as a critical friend to the headteacher and staff and to ensure accountability.


The Governing Body bring a wealth of expertise to the School.  In addition to the Headteacher, Lee Cross, we have the following Governors:-

Ms Tracy Brandwood has a lot of experience as a support worker for young people with special needs.  Ms Brandwood is link governor for behaviour and attitudes, staff support and scrutiny. Ms Brandwood was appointed as Chair of Governors in November 2017.

Mrs Sallyann Tuckwell-Allen joined the Governing Body in January 2018 as an LA Governor and  is an Assistant Head and SENCO at a local primary School.  Mrs Tuckwell-Allen is the link governor for safeguarding/attendance and was appointed as Vice Chair of Governors in November 2018.

Mrs Rose Burley has also been a governor for many years at both primary and secondary schools.  She is an elected local Councillor as well as Mayor of Walsall and sits on many committees.  Mrs Burley is the link Governor for communtiy cohesion.

Ms Jamie-Leigh Roberts mom to a Year 8 pupil, joined the Governing Body on the 16th October 2019 as a parent governor. Jamie is joink link governor for pupil wellbeing/PSHE.

Ms Joanna Hall, mom to a Year 9 pupil, joined the Governing Body on the 13th October 2020 as a parent governor. Joanna is joint link governor for pupil wellbeing/PSHE.

Miss Sarah Thornton, mom to a Year 8 pupil, joined the Governing Body on the 17th March 2021 as a parent governor. Sarah is joint link governor for pupil wellbeing/PSHE.

Mr Leon Donaldson, teaching assistant, was elected as a staff governor with effect from 5th July 2o21.  Leon is a valued member of staff who supports our pupils in class and will be a great asset to the team.

Mrs Sandra Mills joined the Governing Body in October 2021 as a co-opted governor and will bring financial expertise to the board.  Sandra is the link governor for Health and Safety.

Mrs Di Cadman joined the team as an associate member in October 2021.  As a former teaching assistant at the school, Di knows the school well and will help to support the school vision of following the Elmwood Way.

Sam Allen has also joined up as an associate member in October 2021.  Sam is the son of Sallyann Tuckwell-Allen, Vice Chair of Governors, and will be supporting our careers programme.

The views of parents and carers are always welcome and their input into school life is encouraged wherever possible.


Over the last twelve months the following governors have left the governing body.

In June 2021, Georgina Edmunds, Associate member ended her time as a governor due to time constraints.  A big thank you to Georgina for her support over the last two years.

In May 2021, Mr James Hawkins, Family Welfare Officer and staff governor, term of office came to an end due to him leaving the employment of Elmwood School.  James has been a valued member of the team and was part of the scrutiny panel, which he was a valued member of the team.  We wish James well in his new post.

In April 2021 Mr Dave Watton resigned from his role as an  Associate Member of the governing body having previously stepped down as an LA governor in 2014.  Mr Watton has been a governor at the school since it opened in January 2008 and has been a real asset to the team.  Dave will be sadly missed and we wish him all the best for the future.

In March 2021, Mrs Suzanne Hill’s term of office as a Parent Governor ended having been elected by parents in March 2018.   Mrs Hill was link governor for parental engagement and during her time as a governor, helped to raise considerable amounts of money for our school fund account.

At the end of July 2020, Rita Martin, co-opted governor and link governor for Careers ended her time as a governor. Mrs Martin was appointed in May 2018 by the Governing body and has been a good friend to the Elmwood community forging good relationships with not only staff but also with parents and pupils during her role as an independent careers adviser.  

May 2020 saw the end of the term of office for Mrs Theresa Cheetham as a parent governor.  Mrs Cheetham was elected by parents in May 2016. Throughout her time as a governor, Mrs Cheetham, was a great advocate for the School and we thank her for her support and wish her well for the future.


In addition to a termly meeting held by the whole governing body during the Spring, Summer and Autumn term, governors are also members of individual committees, which meet on a regular basis.  It is sometimes necessary for special meetings to be arranged when a matter of urgency arises.

Termly meetings are scheduled for 4.00 pm on:

Autumn – Thursday 14th October 2021 and Thursday 2nd December 2021 (EB)

Spring – Thursday 10th February 2022 (EB) and Thursday 31st March 2022

Summer – Thursday 26th May 2022 and Thursday 7th July 2022 (EB)

Committees consider financial, personnel, pupil and building matters.

Finance & Pay Committee meetings are scheduled for 9.30 am on:

Autumn – Monday 11th October 2021

Spring – Monday 14th February 2022

Summer – Monday 16th May 2022

Sites and Buildings Committee meetings are scheduled for  3.00 pm on:

Autumn – Monday 29th November 2021

Spring – Tuesday 22nd March 2022

Summer – Tuesday 5th July 2022

Curriculum and Policies Committee meetings are scheduled for 4.00 pm on:

Autumn – Thursday 11th November 2021

Spring – Thursday 3rd March 2022

Summer – Thursday 16th June 2022

Copies of any public minutes can be obtained from the Clerk to the Governors via the School; a charge for copying would be applicable.


When time allows Governors support the School where possible by attending events, functions and training.

Previously these have included theme days, hospitality and catering events and assemblies.

Governors are also involved in the recruitment of any new staff to the School.


Governor Name Type of Governor Chair (CH) or Vice Chair (VC) Committee Chair Connections to Staff, Yes or No If Yes, who and how. Term of Office End Date Other School Governor Posts held. Name of school and governor type Business Interests declared. Yes of No If yes please state
Tracy Brandwood CG CH Staff Dismissal Appeal Complaints Panel Appraisal Committee No 7/10/21   Yes Owl Behaviour Consultancy
Sallyann Tuckwell-Allen LA VC   No 31/12/21 Pelsall Village School No
Rose Burley CG   Staff Dismissal

Finance and Pay

Pupil Support

No 7/10/21 Salisbury Primary

Rowley View Nursery

Co opted Governor Vacancy CG            
Staff Governor vacancy STF            
Lee Cross STF     No Upon leaving employment of School   No
Jamie-Leigh Roberts PG      No  15/10/23    No
Joanna Hall PG     No 12/10/24   Yes Sentire-Sensory UK
Sarah Thornton PG     No 16/3/25   No
Georgina Edmunds Associate Member     No 15/10/23   No

Legend:LA – Local Authority appointed (recommended) by Walsall CouncilPG – Parent Governor, elected by parents at the schoolSTF – Staff governor elected by staff at the schoolCG – Co-opted Governor, appointed by the governing body


STAFF DISMISSALRose Burley (Chair)
Sallyann Tuckwell-Allen
Georgina Edmunds
FINANCE AND PAYRose Burley - Chair
Tracy Brandwood
Lee Cross
Sallyann Tuckwell-Allen
Sarah Thornton
PUPIL SUPPORTRose Burley - Chair
Sallyann Tuckwell-Allen
Tracy Brandwood
Lee Cross
Jamie-Leigh Roberts
COMPLAINTS PANELTracy Brandwood - Chair
Rose Burley
Lee Cross
Sallyann Tuckwell-Allen
Georgina Edmunds
APPRAISAL COMMITTEETracy Brandwood - Chair
Sallyann Tuckwell-Allen
Rose Burley