We are thrilled to learn that the newly elected Mayor, Councillor Kath Phillipps, will be opening our annual sports day event on Thursday 14th July at 10.00 am.  Our special guest and her consort, Mr Maurice Phillipps, will begin the day’s proceedings when our four house teams of Wiggins, Ainslee, Murray and Ennis will compete for the accolade of winning the School house cup. Also attending the event will be parents/carers and governors who will be able to enjoy refreshments including strawberries and cream – all we need now is for the sun to shine! We look forward to welcoming the Mayor to our event and showcasing our talented young people.


Elmwood staff recently engaged in an action packed training day which developed staff’s ability to support the Out and About curriculum as well as raising the profile of science (whole school priority). Staff experienced cave painting using natural materials as well as coloured chalk to produce some fantastic originals that will be displayed at the front of the school to inspire pupils in the future. Our willow weaving skills were stretched even further this year (led by Helen Sanger from Walsall Countryside Rangers) with staff producing some tension trays – their empathy and guidance will support pupils along their journey in producing one next year. The shooting range was a big success and a highlight for many with Mr Francis being crowned “Hot Shot” after a near perfect score! Finally Emma Cronin of Wild Pickle delivered a fermenting vegetables session resulting in staff experiencing massaging cabbage, salt and spices to perfection. This was a new addition to the curriculum and staff thoroughly enjoyed the process and gained a lot from the knowledge and experience of Emma whose enthusiasm was contagious with staff sampling her home made produce with their German inspired lunch menu (carefully created by Nicole and Simon Hubbard).

Staff are encouraged to contact Emma if they have any problems with their Kraut or want any additional information for the future. I know that we will be pestering her in the future when the pupils get loose on those cabbages!!!!

Anyone interested in finding out more about Wild Pickle can contact Emma via the following:

Facebook link

Twitter  @wild_pickle

Instagram @wildpicklefoods


View from Blymhill and Weston Village HallThe secret venue was a pleasant surprise for staff this year with a well stocked bathroom of goodies to make us feel extra special. The facilities at Blyhmill and Weston Village Hall were exceptional and it enabled us to run all of our workshops with ample break out space on the veranda looking over the Staffordshire/Shropshire countryside. The addition of the community field also added great value for our rifle range.

Further details of this ideal facility are available via the link below which hosts community events and is available for hire.  Next year’s training has a hard act to follow having used this perfect venue!

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Further recognition to Elmwood School for working collaboratively to support other Senior and Middle Leaders and pupils with SEMH. This was part of a targeted approach to validate English and Maths work across KS3 and KS4 whilst providing high quality professional development regarding key issues that curriculum leads are facing in their respected Schools. A massive thanks goes to Gemma Mayo (Curriculum Lead for Maths) and Chris Bowen (Curriculum Lead for English) whose input has greatly supported colleagues and pupils.

Extract from Ofsted’s Monitoring Report for Mount Gilbert, Telford and Wrekin reads “Leaders took action to improve the accuracy of teachers’ assessments and, as part of this process, now moderates pupils’ work every half-term. Teachers’ assessments are further checked externally through leaders from a nearby school.” (Pg 8, April 2016)


As part of the continued success with the Evolve Teaching School (based at Barr Beacon School) we have been successful in being an integral part of their SCITT status from 2016-17. This is testament to the continued hard work of staff and pupils in making the teachers of the future welcome within our environment and enabling them to see a different perspective around education that one size doesn’t fit all.

Recently two members from the Multi-Media Support Team at Barr Beacon School came into School and spent time in all bases as well as observing out and about lessons.  What they observed has now been put into a short video which highlights the great work and learning taking place at Elmwood School.

BBScitt – Elmwood School from Barr Beacon School on Vimeo.


PENTAX DIGITAL CAMERACircus Starr once again gave fourteen students the opportunity to go along to Darlaston Town Hall on Monday 18th January to watch Pinocchio joins the Circus.  The students who went along had a thoroughly enjoyable time and have since written lovely thank you letters to the kind Companies who funded the cost of the tickets.  A big thank you also to the following staff – Di Cadman, Emily Carter, Phil Damms and Matt Webb who gave up their time enabling the visit to go ahead.


PENTAX DIGITAL CAMERAThank you to everyone who came along to our fundraising Christmas Fayre on Thursday 10th December.  The event was a great success and helped to raise over £330 towards our summer school 2016 fund.  The students did an amazing job performing songs and serving on stalls and feedback from everyone who attended was very complimentary.  Well done to all the winners of the competitions that took place and also a big thank you to the staff and students who attended from Oakwood and Phoenix Schools.DSCF0365


Elmwood School marked Armistice Day on Wednesday 11th November by inviting members from the Staffordshire Regiment to come along and enjoy a meal prepared and cooked by students in the ‘Elms Restaurant’. The meal was organised by Ms Hilary Shaw, Food Technology Teacher, and students ranged in age from 11-15 excelled themselves with both the quality and presentation of the meal as well as acting as perfect hosts.

The whole School, with visitors who included the School Paediatrician as well as Medical and Teacher Training Students, then all congregated in an outside garden area where everyone observed the two minutes silence with the last post being sounded by one the old Soldiers. The pupils behaved impeccably and made Elmwood very proud of the respect they showed and in fact many students went and shook hands with the Soldiers on parade. The School were also presented with a copy of the latest novel written by one of the soldiers, Mick Power, entitled ‘It puts muscles on your eyebrows; which was gratefully received and will make interesting reading.

Feedback from visitors, staff and students was of a special day which Ms Shaw is already saying is one of the best she has ever had during her teaching career. This was further reinforced by Mr Singer, Secretary of the Regiment, when he delivered a thank you letter and stated that the pupils had been attentive, polite and a credit to the School and in his opinion Elmwood should be a Flagship School; he couldn’t praise the children enough for their behaviour and the respect they had shown.

PENTACON Digital Camera PENTACON Digital Camera PENTACON Digital Camera


We are planning a Christmas Fayre on Thursday 10th December to try and raise funds to help our young people.  In order for this to be a success we are appealing to any local businesses or members of the community who could donate any items that we could sell.  We will ensure that any donations are highlighted in our monthly newsletter circulated to all parents/carers, Governors and staff and also on our website.  Please contact Bev Bailey on 01922 721081 if you are able to help.  Thank you.


DSCF0267Students and staff took part in the annual ‘Wear it Pink’ campaign on Friday 16th October (a week early due to a training day) and helped to raise £76 for this worthwhile charity.  Well done to Julie Burnell who won the staffroom sweepstake winning £21.  A big thank you to everyone who took part and contributed.


PENTACON Digital CameraElmwood supported Macmillan’s fundraising event by hosting a coffee morning on Friday 25th September.  Students in the nurture group sold cakes and ran competitions which helped to raise £112.35 for this good cause.  A big thank you also to Starbucks in the Wharf, Walsall and Pelsall Village Bakery for their donations and to everyone who came along and made it a great success.