The 2017 results acknowledged some fantastic achievements as a whole cohort as well as specific pupils. There have been many changes to the way in which GCSEs have been recorded but this shouldn’t take away from the dedication and hard work by pupils during their time at Elmwood School. A successful achievement across the core subjects was that 92% of Year 11’s achieved a GCSE B-D equivalent in English and 62% of Year 11’s achieved a GCSE B-D equivalent in Maths; we also saw 80% of the BTEC First Award in Performing Arts cohort secure at least a Level 1 Pass and the same for the cohort in BTEC First Award in Sport. Particular acknowledgement goes to Shani Scott who has become the first pupil EVER to achieve 5 x A*-C GCSE (equivalents), setting a challenging target for the current Year 11’s who are taking it very seriously and truly believe they too can achieve that (or even better).

92% of Year 11’s have secured a Post 16 destination and look forward to commencing the next steps of their education with the continued support from Bev Bailey and the rest of the Elmwood Learning Community (past and present).





IMG_7172Our annual sports day took place on 20th July 2017 with Murray house team winning the title; this means after five years of sports day all house teams have won the house cup. It has taken Murray a long time to win and they even did it in style breaking numerous school records along the way.  Well done to all those who competed on the day and thank you to all the parents and carers who came along to support the pupils (despite the initial rain!). Photographs are on the photo gallery page of the website.

The final results and new school records are recorded below.

New school records

Event House Pupil Time / Distance
400m Yr 7 & 8 Murray Rico Maritza Yates 1.15.43 sec
Race Walking Yr 7 & 8 Ennis Sophie Clewley 1:10:43 sec
Race Walking Yr 9 & 10 Wiggins Jamie Ashford 1:09:06 sec
Shot Put Yr 9 & 10 Ainslie Harrison Bickley 10.13m
Javelin Yr 7 & 8 Ainslie Tyler Nutting 21.05m
Triple Jump Yr 7 & 8 Murray Rico Maritza Yates 7.50m
Triple Jump Yr 9 & 10 Wiggins Carl French 7.16m
High Jump Yr 7 & 8 Murray Rico Maritza Yates 1.45m

Sports day results

  1. Murray 340 points
  2. Wiggins 330 points
  3. Ainslie 310 points
  4. Ennis 304 points

BTEC Sport and Sports Leaders

We are very proud to announce that four year 11 pupils secured a pass in BTEC Sport. Three pupils secured a Level 1 pass while one pupil secured an overall Level 2 pass. These results are the School’s best ever from any BTEC Sport cohort. So well done to Shani, Jordan, Reace and Liam for all their hard work over the two year course.




BBQOn Thursday 6th July our Year 10 wider key skills pupils held a BBQ for invited guests as part of their ‘working with others’ coursework. During lessons leading up to the event pupils had planned and prepared for all aspects of the day deciding who would do what jobs including the shopping! We were thrilled that the newly elected Mayor, Councillor Marco Longhi and the Lady Mayoress were able to attend and who were entertained by some of our young people in Year 7c. With brilliant sunshine, good food and excellent hospitality the event was a great success.  Well done to everyone involved. More photographs from on the day can be found on the photo gallery page of our website.




A reminder to all parents and carers that we will be holding our summer term progress and achievement event on Thursday 13th July 2017.  Our termly meetings enable parents and carers to review their child’s progress and look at setting challenging targets for the coming term in addition to receiving their child’s summer term report. There is also the opportunity to complete our on line surveys which helps us to evaluate and review how we are doing as well as enjoying some refreshments organised by our Family Welfare Officers. All parents and carers are encouraged to take part in our satisfaction surveys and we would appreciate this being completed on line if you are unable to attend on Thursday (this is available on the parents/carers page of the School website).  We look forward to hopefully welcoming you on Thursday.


To allow us to welcome our new Year 7′s (they are visiting Elmwood on the 3rd, 10th and 17th July) we have moved into our new bases for next year.

Year 7′s have remained in Nurture base

Year 8′s have moved into Transition base

Year 9′s  have moved into Pathways base

This upheaval has been very well managed by both staff and pupils.

We have taken this opportunity to refurbish social areas with new settees from Ikea and a new pool table in Pathways.

This has meant that, for now, wall displays have been taken down and will be replaced as groups settle in and personalise their areas. We look forward to the school returning to its normal standard of innovative and informative displays in the near future.





031This year’s annual outdoor learning staff training event returned to Blymhill and Weston Village Hall – http://www.blymhill-westonvillagehall.co.uk  after such a welcoming and appropriate environment in 2016. The use of the hall enabled all participants to remain dry while they embarked on an experience of flint napping using glass, a sustainable and suitable replacement for flint, to produce stone age tools building upon the knowledge and understanding of the stone age timeline task which demonstrated the changes through the ages of tools and equipment used by our ancestors. In addition to this staff participated in the process of preparing dried flax to produce thread which could later be turned into linen style fabrics with our expert Anne http://www.flaxland.co.uk/index.html who was particularly patient with us especially when we began spinning and dressing the distaff (a stick or spindle on to which wool or flax is wound for spinning). We will enjoy sowing  flax seed on our school allotment to truly see the journey of from seed to product. Then the rain came…….. just in time for all to experience the light hearted (but loud) voice and humour of Jezz, a local expert (part of the Scythe Association of Britain and Ireland) – http://scytheassociation.org/ to teach us the skills and safety messages around the sustainable art of scything.  The designated area of the community field was essential for this and the support of the Parish Council to section an area of this field off enabled us all to cut longer grass (getting a more realistic experience). The rain didn’t prevent the stereotypes of “BBQ in the rain” but the food was well received and the quality of butchery was acknowledged by all (courtesy of Brian Roberts Family Butchers in Werrington).

This experience will enable all staff to support the Out and About curriculum in 2017-18 as we continue to expand the breadth of the experiences the pupils and staff participate in. Another huge success and the expressions on staff’s face reinforces this so please check out the photos of the event available on the photo gallery page of the website.


Further acknowledgement of the importance of having an Outdoor Learning Curriculum within Elmwood. Not Dead Fish, a social change consultancy and policy platform, have recently produced an article titled ‘Work on the Wild Side: Outdoor Learning in Schools’ which supports the curriculum offer at Elmwood School and the vision and direction of the staff and Senior Leadership Team. Outdoor Learning is not just a subject/topic, it’s a way of teaching – this is evident on the School’s recent Outdoor Learning themed INSET where all staff embarked on scything, turning flax into thread, flint napping and the impact the Stone Age had on the development of tools and equipment.

The project collaborated with 125 Schools/40,000 children making the recommendations valid for us as a School to consider and act upon to improve the life chances for all that attend Elmwood’s Learning Community. Ofsted have also begun to acknowledge through their reports of outstanding Primary and Secondary School providers the importance of Outdoor Learning in improving academic achievements and social, emotional and mental wellbeing.

The recommendations from the report were of particular interest to the Senior Leadership Team and Dan Whittaker (SLE for Outdoor Learning) as we can confidently “tick” all boxes:

Senior Leadership Team support the Outdoor Learning agenda √

Budget constraints don’t impact on the quality and provision around Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Learning is part of the curriculum and is called “Out & About” 

Relationships with local community leaders to improve curriculum (at a low cost i.e. FREE)

Please read the article and I’m sure you will support us in our constant drive for innovation and a curriculum offer that enhances the whole child. Work.on.the.Wild.Side.2017


Daniel Caines (Youth Sport Trust and Sky Sports Living Ambassador) visited Elmwood on 17th May 2017 to complete a series of workshops spanning three years of involvement with the School. His sessions were to re-visit the “6 Keys to Success” specifically around the Schools drive to support individual resilience and having a “Growth Mindset”. It also acted as a farewell celebration as the partnership between the Youth Sport Trust and Sky Sports has come to an end after fourteeen successful years in breaking down barriers and raising self esteem and self worth.

IMG_1280Daniel has become an integral part of the Elmwood family and we will miss his input in raising aspirations, recently done through the following video link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3N3MjUmSeJw&app=desktop. It was especially pleasing for staff and pupils to see Daniel in his first race (age 15yrs old) and how his journey developed  through the “6 Keys to Success” and culminated in his greatest honour………… completing one of the Schools Cross-fit challenges (Brown Belt – Loan Wolf) in a very respectful time of 6 minutes 55 seconds.  This inspired other pupils to overcome their own challenges and achieve them in front of Daniel , what a sense of achievement! Pictures of Daniel’s performance can be found on the photo gallery page of the website.


We will be holding an open day event on Tuesday 26th September 2017 from 3.30 pm to 4.30 pm for any interested parents/carers of pupils currently in Years 5 and 6.  This will be an ideal opportunity to visit and look at our well resourced School, meet with staff and understand our values and ethos.  We would appreciate any visitors contacting the School Office on 01922 721081 to reserve a place and we look forward to welcoming you to our School.


Students in Years 10 and 11 have a busy few weeks ahead of them as they undertake a variety of exams.  This is obviously a very anxious time for everyone involved and as a School we do our utmost to help prepare our young people for this important time of their school life.  We wish our students every success with their upcoming exams and look forward to celebrating their success in due course.  A copy of the examination timetable is available below (the greyed out areas indicate revision sessions).

Exam Timetable 2017