We welcomed 33 ITT’s from across the borough as part of our continued work with Barr Beacon and the Evolve Teaching School in January 2018. They had an amazing experience and saw a different approach to teaching and learning that will support them with their future studies/experiences. A copy of the handbook giving details of what students experienced is available on our Teaching Schools Alliance page on the website.  As a result of the above, Ashley Bullock (PE ITT) has successfully completed his induction and will commence a six week placement w/c 5th February 2018.  He is really looking forward to engaging with the young people of Elmwood and sharing his knowledge and expertise from his first placement at Barr Beacon.  

Evaluations from all students involved can be found on our Teaching Schools Alliance page.


A massive thank you to all staff who helped clear the site today (Wednesday 13th December 2017), this enabled all pupils and staff to enter the school site and engage in some well missed learning. Without the commitment shown by staff this wouldn’t be possible and I’m sure you can see they did a sterling job!

IMG_3926IMG_3927It would be appreciated if parents and carers who are able to attend our Progress and Achievement Event on Thursday 14th December 2017 could thank staff at Elmwood for all their hard work in making the site safe enough to welcome back pupils.



The School has forged good links with Marissa Wort, Principal Consultant, at Now Education who this year is supporting The National Deaf Children Society.  Staff have learnt ‘We wish you a Merry Christmas’ in sign language at their NOW offices and have had a lot of fun doing it.  This is something they are keen to promote in other Schools for children to learn possibly during nativity plays/Christmas activities (Marissa has also offered to visit Schools to show children how it is done). Click here to watch the video they have made  and any donations to their justgiving page would be gratefully received JUSTGIVING/NOWEDUCATION  


Once again Elmwood School paid tribute to the fallen during their annual Remembrance Service which took place on Thursday 9th November.  Special guests at the event were members of the Staffordshire Regiment and The Royal British Legion Riders Branch.  Leading up to the event pupils had been busy making and decorating cakes/biscuits to give to our special guests.  Mr Francis, DT Teacher, had also produced fabulous leather key rings in the shape of the Staffordshire Knot which were presented to our guests as a thank you for attending. Clay poppies were made by pupils with the help of Mr Collins, Art Teacher, which made a beautiful display. Parents and Carers were also invited to attend and take part in the remembrance service and a big thank you to all who came along.  The behaviour and respect shown by pupils was exemplary especially during the two minutes silence; well done to all you made everyone proud.  Donations of £27.50 were raised through cake sales which has been added to our poppy sales collecting box.  Pupils were also given the opportunity to sit on the motorbikes at the end of the service which was very popular.  Finally a big thank you to Ms Shaw, Food Technology Teacher, who made all the above possible. Further pictures are available on our photo gallery page.



The Variety Club improves the lives of children and young people throughout the UK who are sick, disabled or disadvantaged.  They are now calling on the support of the local community to help win funding as part of the Aviva Community Fund 2017.  Our young people and their families benefit from the Variety Club with free tickets to West Midlands Safari Park each year as well as pupils being invited to the Christmas Parties for which funding is being sought.  To help support this good cause click here and submit your vote before 20th November 2017.  Many thanks in advance from the Variety Club.



Members of our School Council have raised and discussed at recent meetings how they can inform other Schools about their medical diagnoses.  In particular they want to share their own experiences and hopefully help others to recognise behaviours that may show through medical conditions such as ADHD and Autism.  By getting their voices heard and explaining the reasons behind certain behaviours, this may help prevent pupils from being excluded, singled out or made to feel they are at fault.  Options discussed by the members included Mr Hubbard, Headteacher, speaking with other Headsteachers, school council members attending local school assemblies however this may cause considerable pressure when speaking publically to a large audience or to make a video to this effect.  Below is what Sophie in Year 9 and Thomas in Year 11 had to say when talking with Bev Bailey, our Family Support Worker.  A big thank you also to Matt Webb, Teacher, who helped to produce the video.  Any comments or feedback would be welcomed by the School Council members.  Thank you for watching.


As part of ‘World Mental Health Awareness Day’ held on Tuesday 10th October 2017, the PE department organised an event called ‘the mellow yellow mile’ in order to help raise awareness around mental health. Overall the majority of pupils and staff completed the mile with most wearing something yellow for the day; and the sun shone too. We were also pleased that a number of parents came along to not only support the cause but to join in the event.

Thank you to all those who completed the mile. We hope that this event together with the hard work during lessons during the day will help to spread the awareness of our emotional and mental health.

DiLee 1


A big thank you to everyone who came along and supported our MacMillan Coffee Morning event on Friday 29th September.  Our Year 9 pupils acted as hosts and warmly welcomed parents/carers and their extended families to this lovely social event.   Ms Shaw, Food Technology Teacher, once again directed and supported students in producing an array of delicious cakes which were soon devoured.   As a result we were able to raise £133 for this good cause which is an excellent achievement.




The 2017 results acknowledged some fantastic achievements as a whole cohort as well as specific pupils. There have been many changes to the way in which GCSEs have been recorded but this shouldn’t take away from the dedication and hard work by pupils during their time at Elmwood School. A successful achievement across the core subjects was that 92% of Year 11’s achieved a GCSE B-D equivalent in English and 62% of Year 11’s achieved a GCSE B-D equivalent in Maths; we also saw 80% of the BTEC First Award in Performing Arts cohort secure at least a Level 1 Pass and the same for the cohort in BTEC First Award in Sport. Particular acknowledgement goes to Shani Scott who has become the first pupil EVER to achieve 5 x A*-C GCSE (equivalents), setting a challenging target for the current Year 11’s who are taking it very seriously and truly believe they too can achieve that (or even better).

92% of Year 11’s have secured a Post 16 destination and look forward to commencing the next steps of their education with the continued support from Bev Bailey and the rest of the Elmwood Learning Community (past and present).





IMG_7172Our annual sports day took place on 20th July 2017 with Murray house team winning the title; this means after five years of sports day all house teams have won the house cup. It has taken Murray a long time to win and they even did it in style breaking numerous school records along the way.  Well done to all those who competed on the day and thank you to all the parents and carers who came along to support the pupils (despite the initial rain!). Photographs are on the photo gallery page of the website.

The final results and new school records are recorded below.

New school records

Event House Pupil Time / Distance
400m Yr 7 & 8 Murray Rico Maritza Yates 1.15.43 sec
Race Walking Yr 7 & 8 Ennis Sophie Clewley 1:10:43 sec
Race Walking Yr 9 & 10 Wiggins Jamie Ashford 1:09:06 sec
Shot Put Yr 9 & 10 Ainslie Harrison Bickley 10.13m
Javelin Yr 7 & 8 Ainslie Tyler Nutting 21.05m
Triple Jump Yr 7 & 8 Murray Rico Maritza Yates 7.50m
Triple Jump Yr 9 & 10 Wiggins Carl French 7.16m
High Jump Yr 7 & 8 Murray Rico Maritza Yates 1.45m

Sports day results

  1. Murray 340 points
  2. Wiggins 330 points
  3. Ainslie 310 points
  4. Ennis 304 points

BTEC Sport and Sports Leaders

We are very proud to announce that four year 11 pupils secured a pass in BTEC Sport. Three pupils secured a Level 1 pass while one pupil secured an overall Level 2 pass. These results are the School’s best ever from any BTEC Sport cohort. So well done to Shani, Jordan, Reace and Liam for all their hard work over the two year course.